Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer Roadtrip Playlist

Happy Friday, friends! My brilliant idea to post three times a week is already looking rough. We are going out of town this weekend, and trying to pack for any roadtrip is time consuming, let alone packing for a toddler! In my usual fashion, I waited until the very last minute to pack, so I spent most of Thursday hustling up and down the stairs during Aida's naptime, trying to wrap up laundry, pack things, and make lists so I won't forget anything.

Needless to say, by the end of the day I was exhausted and in no mood for a blog post, but I bravely moved forward for the sake of you, dear reader!

Anyway, our impending trip gave me a great idea for a blog post--a Summer Roadtrip Playlist!

summer roadtrip playlist

It's no secret that I consider music to be part of my heart and soul, so I am always in charge of putting together a killer playlist for any trips we take. (Although, one thing is for certain--the debut album from the band Joseph will be playing at some point, because for whatever reason that music never fails to soothe her right to sleep!)

For this playlist, I chose some songs that are quickly becoming summer favorites, and I added in a few for nostalgic purposes. Is it just me, or are there certain songs out there for you all that will always remind you of summer? No Doubt's album Tragic Kingdom always makes me think of summers spent at the Outer Banks. I can remember being ten years old, and just lounging on the deck at my Grandma's beach house, listening to the album on my walkman over and over.

Check out the playlist below and tell me what you would add! We will be visiting my parents in Southwest Virginia, so be sure to follow along on Instagram to see all of our adventures.

All Love,

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