Love Story

Looking for some wedding inspiration, or just interested in reading our journey through the perilous land of wedding planning? Let me help.

First, I suppose I should give you some background on our story, like how we met, and how we got engaged. 

That's the sweet part. Once wedding planning begins, your fairy tale turns into a nightmare. I'm kidding! But be prepared, it is stressful. Here are a few things that I found challenging:

Spoiler alert--we figured out the honeymoon conundrum.
Don't worry--it's not all nervous breakdowns and fits of hysterics. There WAS fun to be had, and decisions to be made! Here are a few things I think we did well:

Proof that we had real cake at our wedding, and not just funfetti.
All in all, the planning was a success--we DID pull off a wedding, ya know. Here are some tips and photos we shared after the fact:

Wait! That's not all! I was going through some of my planning posts and realized some of that material was just pure gold. Here are a few of my favorites, just for fun:
I hope I didn't overwhelm you, dear reader, and there's a whole lot more where that came from! If you ever have questions, just ask! Remember, in the end you're marrying the love of your life--all those other details are trivial in comparison.


  1. OH MY! Your dress is just gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much, Mae :) I definitely loved wearing it, even if only for a day!


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