"I'm head of the class, I'm popular, I'm a quarterback, I'm popular, my mom says I'm a catch..."
Ah, Popular--remember that song? If you do, we'll probably be friends, because nobody other than my brothers ever seem to get the reference.

Anyway, If you're new around here or if you just want to procrastinate and read rando posts on some rando girl's blog, here's a little mix of both popular posts and my favorite posts (in no particular order).

- Crab Cake Recipe

-This one time, I met a ghost.

- My husband's very first guest post

- Have you ever experienced a food coma?

- We made some old, married couple New Year's resolutions. 

-Don't come to me for costume ideas.

- My goldendoodle is a talented writer.

- Do you want to watch The Vineyard, ABC Family's attempt at a reality show? Here is everything you need to know.

- A post about my first love, Harry Potter.

- I don't like August, but I love what comes next.

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